Two important, world-class sporting events will be held in Japan in the next few years:
• Rugby World Cup, 2019
• Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympics, 2020

In order that these events can show forth God’s grace, we have started an organization called THE ULTIMATE VICTORY. It is our desire that the name of the group itself will already get everyone thinking about a victory that goes beyond the medals of the events. The Ultimate Victory (TUV) is networking both nationally in Japan, and internationally, with the following goals in mind.

We hope you will consider joining with us in our outreach:
1. The events will stimulate the creation of new church-based ministries.
2. Christians of Japan and the world will join hands to share the Gospel.
3. Many people will experience the joys that sports have to offer.

Let’s Start New Church-based Ministries

TUV is looking beyond the events themselves to the year 2024 as the target of our ministry. We hope to make the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics more than just onetime opportunities. We aim to use these events as a way for churches to continue to connect with each other in the future, as a way to train the next generation of church leaders, and as a way to introduce churches to the whole concept of sports ministry and outreach to athletes. As we embrace the challenge, we expect that God will bless the Christian community of Japan 10-fold.

Let’s Join Hands with Christians of the World to Share the Gospel
Many people will come from around the world to Japan during these events – athletes and their families, as well as supporters. There will be many Christians among them. This will be a chance to get to know them and invite them along to all kinds of activities, even beyond the games and the events themselves.
We are also thinking about ways to reach out to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. We want to do whatever we can to share the Gospel with the people of Japan and the world.

Let’s Experience the Joys that Sports Have to Offer
Sports have a unique ability to inspire and motivate many people. Sports emphasize fair play and personal dignity, both of which are clear values found in the Christian faith. Churches can use sports in many ways. Let’s experience the making of new friends, motivation for life and the love of Jesus Christ!




Yonai Hiroaki
kokubunji Baptist Church

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