What is JISP?

What is JiSP?

Project Name:
The Ultimate Victory

1. Mission Statement
Japan International Sports Partnership (JISP) hopes that Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020 would bring many opportunities for sharing the Gospel. By working as a partner between churches, mission organizations, Christian companies and schools, our vision is that the Church in Japan would experience a 10 fold blessing by 2024.

2. Objectives
Tokyo is going to host Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. Sport is a universal language that unites people beyond languages, cultures, religions, and borders. Many people willvisit Japan given the fact that it’s the most popular and famous event in the world. As Christians, we want to use this great opportunity to be a testimony to people in Japan.
There are many means and ways to evangelize, such as conducting sports events, handing out Christian athletes’ testimonies, and implementing sports clinics through partnering with churches in and outside Japan, to name a few. Through championing the Paralympic athletes as equals, we hope to value and serve those with disabilities and plan various events and outreaches for them as well. We believe the 2020 Olympics provides us a big opportunity for evangelism, and we hope to expand the sports ministry network and help empower local churches with effective evangelistic programs.

3. Vision
We believe that this would not end as a one time event, but by 2024, the Church in Japan would see a 10 fold blessing through sports evangelism and discipleship. To see this happen, we need to work together, plan and implement sports events, and disciple and raise up the younger generations of believers as leaders in their communities.